Sunday, July 30, 2006

Why do people lose out on friends/people?

By choice or forced to?

All my life i have been travelling all over Pakistan, meeting all kinds of people, Nice, Fun, Sweet, Witchy , Boring , Annoying , Uptight... etc. Making plenty of friends, losing out on few.

I have had so many friends that its hard to keep count {figures, when u have yto change schools after every two years, or twice in one year, and no.. i was never Kicked out! :P }

.. and to keep in touch. Simply because your life starts revolving around all these new people, and unless you
1) like writing emails
2)Be on IM 24/7
3) Have a free phone :P

You cant really keep up with whats happening in someone else's life. Which eventually makes you run out of things to talk about. Does that make you a bad friend? Not necessarily. Friendship, like every other relationship is a two way thing... you put in some, you get some. {am i saying its conditional? Maybe , or maybe not... depends on how you looks at it}

Those are normal friends.. then we have "Best Friends". No matter how many years it has been since you last talked, whenever you start again, it seems as if u just had a conversation with them yesterday! You never run out of things to say, and with every word uttered, you are reminded strongly of why you became best friends in the first place. :)

*applause for Tee, Bee, Ash, and Sabbi {they have not been mentioned in order of preferrence, rather.. rhyming? :$ } Special mention of K and Aj who have been my amazing friends over the years in NED :) - Thankyou all :)

There is another category of Best friends... which kind of contradicts what i said earlier, but... those are one-way best friends, it could be either you are their best friend, but to you they are just "really" good friends. Khair, the main thing would be the respect you have for one another. And if you take the person for granted or not.

There are people who look for "everything" in one person, and then there are people like me, who, though, DO look for that one person :P... they also know that every person / friend in their life brings something new.
You could have one friend for sharing ur secrets, or one for just hanging out, one to help u in studies with :P or one you cant live without {yes yes thatw as just for the sake of rhyming :P} But you see my point?.. its like u can have a huge circle fo friends who can provide you with different things u need {emotionally?} and u can do the same for them. Now to have a person that is made of all your other friends combined... well.. that can cause troubles if person is of opposite sex, and ofcourse.. if you are straight :P {see where i am going?}

I think i have lost track of the topic, i was never the one to have arranged thoughts anyways....

Haan... so why do people lose out on people? ... I dunno!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So it begins...

Why is the world round? Why did the chicken cross the road? Why does daffy have his own show? Why did Fred marry Wilma? Why are Scobby and Shaggy so cool??... but whyyy???


The question is.. Why people blog? If they want to post their personal thoughts.. then.. they should redefine "personal"?

A friend of mine, "Bundar" uses his blogs to upload pictures... taken from camera.. or Drawn!... and posts his own compositions... Neither i am that creative nor that patient, i dotn even own a digital camera... so "Why" should I blog?

He keeps telling me i should get one, i dont see the reason why.. lets see what i do with this...

Am I sharing "personal" thoughts?

Thank you for visiting :D Time well wasted, no? ;)