Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dentist, Root Canal And Me

As a child, whenever someone mentioned root-canal I used to think, "hmm, how cool would it be to have canals made inside your mouth, have canals instead of roots! So that even the inside of your tooth can feel the yummy sweetness of choco". I thought that they put mini pipes inside your skin making "canals". (Was so mistaken!) As a child I also used to congratulate myself to have the healthiest of teeth of all (apart from the braces deal) , considering the amount of sugar I used to take on hourly basis.

Well, all that changed a year ago. I got two cavities, between teeth, and not inside one! So I still say it wasn't "keera". Occasional pain was normal, but my fear of the dentist always used to get the better of me and I never went to get it checked. (Big mistake!). Plus with university, I never got time, bunking one and two periods is fine, but entire day? I think not! (*ehem* it was basically the dentist reason:$)

Finally I got the time (and the pain became unbearable), so I went and got it checked. HA! one hell of a lecture on choco intake! They treated and treated, filled, un-filled, gave loads of medicines! All in vain. Root canal was inevitable.

Instead of "canals" instead of roots, I have one dead tooth, waiting to wear its "crown". I didn't feel a thing. ( Anesthesia is a blessing). I still don't feel anything, apart from one heavy mouth. My lower jaw and part tongue's asleep. (So if I post a voice recording of this post, it's be like... "thoo the phaainn itthntt theree athh yeett" *tissue for cleaning the spit* Gross I know :P)

* Side note:- 'th' = 's' *

The dentist is officially the scariest doctor. The tools! Weapons of mass destruction. Had my eyes closed tightly shut,and fists clenched, throughout the procedure. If only the sound of the tools grinding my teeth was bearable! (wasn't!), ears are still ringing with the noise. (Prep-ing myself for nightmares - more reasons than one). The poked and they poked and they poked! They had pins, 100s of them, (actually quite cute, colorful and all) , they pinched and they drilled and blowed and they sucked the saliva out!

Finally after 45 mins of grrr,zhhinngg,teeennnn,khrich khrich, the procedure ended. One cotton bud to hold the filling in and one heavy mouth to bear for rest of the day. Would it pain? "You might feel 'discomfort' but it should not pain while eating hot and cold, oh and you aren't supposed to eat for a while" *mental punch* , I was almost tempted to ask "please explain your definition of 'discomfort'. MY lips feel so weird, I can bite them and puncture them and I won't feel a thing! (*thinks* hmm, how would a lip piercing look?) After a day and night of sniffs, tissues and headache, It's actually a relief to have a painless surgery. Who knew that root-canal would make me feel "better", in more ways than one.

Still waiting for the swelling to go down to check if the "discomfort" is bearable or not. I am not crazy about studying, and to find excuses, for not doing it, is easy to do. But to be handed such an excuse in a surgical tray! I think I'll pass. Ooh just checked the cotton! It bled too, still no pain :D!

*Appointment on Tuesday to make sure all's well*

*Sponsor: Medicam toothpaste, instant relief for 2 hrs, put on teeth and feel free.*

Ignore the last post, was just checking if I can post through email, I can, and thankfully too, beta.blogger's blocked, for God knows what reason. *mental curse*

For other misguided kids, choco does ruin.

Root Canal

A messed up x-ray of my teeth, (its old, i dropped coke on this one,so they wont let me have the new):


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